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Vietnam weather in February

February is the in-between month of winter and spring in the North. Generally, Hanoi and Halong will be cool and sunny, except some chilly days brought to the whole region by enforced winter monsoon. It is still dry but little drizzle may make hiking and trekking in Sapa and Mai Chau rather difficult for some times. It is better to head to Sapa in later days of the month when it gets a bit warmer.

Hue and Hoian are stepping into the first month of dry season. Days are warmer and nights are still a bit cold. Da Lat, the year-round pleasant city of Vietnam, is experiencing the coolest time of year.

Ho Chi Minh city and Nha Trang are in the finest weather with crystal sunshine. This is the best month to visit the South of Vietnam, especially to take diving trips in Nha Trang.

note: this forcast for Vietnam weather in February was drawn from Feb previous years.


February is one of the finest months to tour around Vietnam. This is also the busiest holiday season of local people. They are traveling to visit pagodas for a lucky new year or just to entertain with spring festivals booming all over the country.  Reservations are highly recommended for this month.


After the Tet, prices are generally a bit lower but still high compared to later months.

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