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Dear all, I'll rent a car at Hanoi from October, travel around and give it back at the 1., November at DaNang. Is it possible, to get adresses of car rental companies and the most important question: "are I - as a tourist - allowed to drive a car by myself" (because I've heart, that tourists are not allowed to do this) Thank you for a quieck answer. Best regards Brigitte Peine

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Answers: car rental

Hi Brigitte,

Car rental in Vietnam in general or in Hanoi in particular is not quite easy. If you want to hire a car to drive by yourself, you must have a driving license provided by Vietnam Transportation Ministry and other authorized organs. Also, you must sign car rental contract with rental company & some deposits may be needed for a guarantee purpose.

However, better that I suggest you to hire a private car with a driver as they are familiar with the traffic in Vietnam & transportation rules.


James Nguyen

by James Nguyen in Travel | 2010-08-31 | Reply

Answers: car rental

Hi Brigitte I would think you guy have never been in Vietnam, once you are you will quit thinking about it. Get a car with a driver, it would cost some 60 to 100 bucks/day depending how far you go. Most of hotels and travel agents can arrange this. Hope this helps Regards,

by Evietnamtrips Team in Travel | 2010-09-10 | Reply

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