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Flights from Hanoi to Feng-shan

Total 4 airlines offer flights from Hanoi to Feng-shan including Vietnam Airlines, EVA Corporation, EVA Air, China Airlines. The cheapest fare for the route from Hanoi to Feng-shan offered by Vietnam Airlines, the longest flight is on China Airlines which takes 3h 10m.

Airline Fares Departing Time Landing Time
Vietnam Airlines $766 14h 35m 17h 10m
EVA Corporation $861 09h 40m 11h 53m
EVA Corporation$8519h 15m12h 5m
EVA Corporation$8719h 10m12h 0m
EVA Air $884 09h 50m 11h 50m
China Airlines $997 19h 25m 22h 0m
China Airlines$98217h 20m20h 10m
China Airlines$101222h 45m1h 35m (next day)
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