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Phan Thiet

Less noisy than Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and less tourist-famous than Nha Trang or Hue, Phan Thiet is an equally beautiful and promising destination with much to offer.

West-east stretching mountains, pristine beaches, vast sand dunes, colorful rustic harbor, postcard-perfect fishing villages, fresh seafood and friendly people, all will capture your heart.


Phan Thiet was once part of Champa Kingdom which flourished all over South and Central Vietnam from 7th century to 15th century. Its ancient name was Ha-mu Li-thit (meaning Li-thit village). After Champa was integrated into Dai Viet with the royal marriage of Huyen Tran Princess and King Jaya Sinhavarman III, the “thit” in the old Cham name was evolved into “thi?t” to produce a familiar Vietnamese sound. The word “phan” was added later.


Phan Thiet is the capital of Binh Thuan, a southern province lying 197km from Ho Chi Minh City, 250 km from Nha Trang and 135 km from Da Lat. It borders the South China Sea to the east and Lam Dong forests to the west.

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