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Some advices about Buffalo fighting festival.

As I know, Buffalo fighting festival is one of Vietnamese folk games. I heard it is very interesting. I real want to participate in Buffalo fighting festival in Vietnam. What's your advice give me?( Where and When I can go?) Thanks!

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Answers: Some advices about Buffalo fighting festival.

Buffalo fighting has been entertainment for a long time and it has become a traditional festival of people in Hai Phong province. It is organized on 9th on August. But if you want to go to the oldest festival and research about it, you should come to Hai Luu festival, Vinh Phuc province on 16th and 17th January of Lunar calendar every year. When the fighting takes place, usually, buffaloes are very dangerous, so you should not come to near to see. Fight Buffalo meat be sold with the price is about 200 thousands dongs to 2 million dongs depend on achievements of each buffalo. The champion buffalo meat will be lucky so much, so a advice for you is that you should not miss the chance of buying a little bit. Good luck.

by Lady in Culture | 2010-08-13 | Reply

Answers: Some advices about Buffalo fighting festival.

Hi, In the North of Vietnam, there is a Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival. This festival is normally held from 9th day of the eighth lunar month. There are, in fact, two rounds of elimination before the middle of the fifth month and 8th day of the sixth lunar month. This festival is organized in Do Son District, Hai Phong province. It is about 185 Km from Hanoi & takes around 3-3.5hours to get there from Hanoi. The Buffalo Fight in Do Son is a traditional festival that is attached to a Water God worshipping ceremony and the "Hien Sinh" custom. The most typical reason for the ceremony is to express the martial spirit of the local people in Do Son, Haiphong.with characteristics like buffalo fighting, the cult of water genie. Regards, Tommy Nguyen

by Tommy Nguyen in Culture | 2010-08-15 | Reply

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