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Which are souvenirs can buy in Hanoi?

I am a tourist in Hanoi. I want to take home some souvenirs which are Vietnam traditional products to my family and friends. But I don't know what to buy and where to go. Could you help me?

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Answers: Which are souvenirs can buy in Hanoi

I think handicraft products is best choice. You can buy many kind of them such as: Ceramics ( For example: pots, vases, plates, statures...) in Bat Trang pottery village where is in the suburbs of Hanoi; Wicker work, Lacquer work( For example:paintings, boxes...), Silk products( for example:shirts, handkerchiefs..., Brocades in The Old Quarter or Van Phuc silk village. Do you know " Ao Dai" ( long dress)? It's Vietnam traditional dress and many foreign tourists like it. What about you? I think all of them are unique, traditional and skillfully made. I hope that you can buy beautiful souvenirs and Good luck!

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