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What is usually included in a package tour

Hello, I have a holiday in next month and I want to travel in Vietnam which is your beautiful country. Someone said that I should use package tour. But I don\\\'t know what is usually included in a package tour. Please, could you give me some information!

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Reply: What is usualy included in a package tour

Do you want to travel in VN? Great! That\'s good choice. A package tour includes hotel acommodations and transportation. Sometime it also include transfer to and from the airport. a package tour can also include meals, entertainment, special tour, even car rentals etc... Especialy, you pay less for the package than if you made all the arrangement by yourself.
Have you best choice!

by Steve in Travel | 2010-08-09 | Reply

Answers: What is usually included in a package tour

Hi Once you request the package, the tour company would send you more details of what is included. Yes, a package can be cheaper, and it definately saves you lots of time thinking about tomorrow. Rgds,

by Evietnamtrips in Travel | 2010-09-10 | Reply

Answers: What is usually included in a package tour

re. your answer about tours above. can u send a few sample tours for period of 7 to 10 days, and also 10 to 14 days given the typical itinerary,. also i am single and would prefer to be with a group tour of the same people so if you have particular dates let me know. i am thinking of the february period. so time is of the essence. i do not mind sharing a room, but i smoke so roommate must be ok with that. also if you could recommend a beach area where i can stay on my own for about 1 week to 10 days at end of feb/or very early march. please include approximate prices, type of transportation , etc. i prefer not to have all meals included because i like to explore on my own but all is subjerct to info and costs you can send. thanks, linda chapman

by linda chapman in Travel | 2011-01-22 | Reply

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