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How to go from Hanoi to Dalat?

I am staying in Hanoi and I want to come Dalat on next week. But there is not airport in Dalat. So, how to go from Hanoi to Dalat?

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Answers: How to go from Hanoi to Dalat?

The distance 2000km Hanoi to Dalat is too long with any means of transportation. But now, only with nearly 2 hours passengers are easy to be in Hanoi with the plane VN277 begin from Lien Khuong airport and contrast. The picking passengers up place from Hanoi is Noibai airport and returns passengers in Dalt is Lien Khuong airport. When you come to Lien Khuong airport, it takes you 30 minutes to Dalat. You can go there by much transportation: taxi, bus, automobile etc...In my opinion, you should go to destination by airport's car. They are safe and cheap. The ticket price is 35000VND/person. You can buy tickets at travel agent around Old Quarter such as Hanoi tourist, Viet Travel...If you want to buy e-ticket, you can buy at http:vemaybay247.com or http:.dulichviet.com

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