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How to bargain in Hanoi?

Hello, I am Lisa. When I go to shopping I see that there are not fixed prices at the market. Someone said that I have to bargain but I don't know how to bargain and I have never had to do that before. What's your advice to me for getting a good price?

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Answers: How to bargain in Hanoi?

Hi, your question is very interesting! Well, first, take sure that think carefully before pick up goods( because if you pick up the goods and look at them, then you don't want to buy them, may be the seller angry with you). When the seller says price, you could suggest a lower price, say one half or one third less. If she disagree, pay a little bit more. If the seller still disagree, walk away slowly, pretend leaving. Probably, the seller calls back and you can get goods.( remember to walk away slowly). If really want to goods you can come back and agree with price, if not walk away and look for a cheaper goods from a different seller. Good luck!

by Key in Shopping | 2010-08-11 | Reply

Answers: How to bargain in Hanoi?

I am Vietnamese American, Braganing in Vietnam is hard to tell, because the seller would look at you and tell you the price of an item. I would say do not buy or pay for anything more than 50 percent of the price they tell you.

by Outis Pham in Shopping | 2010-08-12 | Reply

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